April 28, 2011

Sheep Shots...

Well, I guess I warned you;
Here are more of the latest from the woolly ones.

Sweet momma sheep.

 Galey and Samantha. :) Born the same year (2006); and like sisters ever since.
How can those two be five years old now?!

Hey, smart little thing she has there...

Ah, and here is our special surprise lamb of the year.

Not a speck of any color on her - she's solid black! A first for our flock.

And there she is with her sissy.

I must say... that's a pretty adorable little face she's got. :)
That's it for now!


Brewer Family said...

Sheep are so cute!

Christina said...

You needn't have to warn us - the sheep are adorable! Thank you for sharing them! :D

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

Nice photos! their really healthy and cute! i like you blog!...Daniel

Jacqueline said...

Sheep do seem to strike classic poses!
Wonderful photos!

Tarissa said...

My heart just melts every time I come to your blog and see new sheep pictures. I cannot get over that one photo of the little lamb sitting atop its mother's back... (I showed it to my mom, and I laughed... yes, I laughed at the poor creature.)

Why MUST sheep be so cute? And WHY must I never see any where I live?

Laura Lee said...

Beautiful pictures, Kate- as always!

Laura Lee