March 23, 2010

Give me Liberty

On March 23, 1775
Patrick Henry stood before the Virginia House of Burgesses,
and gave his famous speech.
This is the 235th anniversary.
The day Obama-care was signed into law.
Kind of ironic.

In honor of the day-
I encourage you to read Patrick Henry's speech
if you haven't before.
"give me liberty, or give me death."


Tarissa said...

Hi Kate!
I've actually been studying about Patrick Henry this week in my history book (I'm currently reading 'America's Providential History'). It just so happens that yesterday I was reading about this particular speech that you were talking about. I just thought that was a neat coincidence!

Also, I'm going to take your new blog button & put it in my blog's sidebar. I think it's just the cutest thing!

Blessings to you,
~ Tarissa

Merriette said...

Wow, that's really interesting. I didn't realize that this was the anniversary of that speech. I did read the whole speech years ago, but it's definitely time for a review. :)

Seth Sutherland said...

Interesting coincidence... Times are definitely changing; America needs Christocentric men and women who will stand up for their beliefs and convictions. We can learn a lot from our patriotic forefathers who risked life itself for the liberty that is slowly being taken away from our hesitant grasp...

Have you seen the film "Story of a Patriot"?