March 9, 2010

Helping Haiti

Just this past week, I came across Sewing Seeds, a project that basically includes sewing beautiful handmade skirts - and sending them to the little girls in Haiti. I was so inspired by this idea (coupled with the fact that I had a little extra time, and lots of extra fabric...) I excitedly made a few to send before her quickly approaching deadline - (March 12.)

Meanwhile, mom and I started talking about it... There is a man that goes to our church who is in Haiti right now (on his second trip since the earthquake) and planning to take a third trip the end of this month. During his first trip - he took video footage, and put together a short movie. In the movie - he visits a "shanty town" - a temporary village of tarps and tents, where people are doing their best to keep living. We asked this man and his wife - what they thought about doing a similar "skirt drive". They were very enthusiastic about the idea - and have agreed to take any skirts we can gather - and personally deliver them to the people they met in the shanty town.

It began as a project for the ladies of our church, but as we know the need is great, the idea has grown to include as many as are interested in contributing. That's why I'm telling you! We are very excited about this, not only because it is a wonderful project for moms and daughters to do together, it's also a way that we can bless and encourage women and girls in modesty and femininity - - as far away as Haiti. Women and girls whose hearts are hurting, and whose eyes are longing for beauty and hope. It's also exciting - because it is very important to the man that is taking them - that we not just give gifts in the name of charity - but that we fulfill their physical needs in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and make sure the people know that.

We are gathering homemade skirts - ranging from ladies - all the way down to the littlest sizes - whatever the Lord lays on your heart to do. Any simple skirt pattern would work - as long as it has plenty of length, and preferably an elastic or drawstring waist to simplify sizing. Make them - keeping in mind - that they will likely receive a lot of wear and tear, so double-stitch the seams - and pay extra attention to making them sturdy. Don't forget to pray over those who will wear them as you work - that the Lord will use them to bless and bring souls to him.

If you are interested in being a part of this - let me know, and I will answer any questions you have - and get you an address for where to ship finished skirts. The tentative deadline at this point is Saturday March 27. I also suggest you check out Sewing Seeds (link above) for more detailed information, (pictures of skirts, links to tutorials etc.).


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Miss Kate!

What a wonderful idea...a very tangible way to reach out in the name of our Savior. I would love to help out (I have a passion for sewing and many other crafts, as well!) Just let me know where to send the skirts and I will make some up. I, too, have plenty of fabric that could use a good home!
May God continue to bless you and your family for serving Him so willingly!

Mrs. Laura

Kate said...

Hello Mrs. Laura!
Thank you for your willingness to help!
Just send an email to - and I will send you the address!

Jill said...

Count me in! I'll try to make a couple of skirts. Will you email the address to me?


Sara said...

This is such a wonderful idea...oh, how I wish that I had some elastic handy!!