March 8, 2010

Copy Cat

Well; we have a copy cat on our hands.

There are no limits to this cat's absurdity. Evidently.

I guess this means Fiffen is the new attack cat.


Kelsey said...

I just saw your milkmaid picture, and I just have to say, Kate, you are so talented! It is beautiful!
How long did that take you?
I draw (pencil and charcoal) and it would take me a long time to do something like that--I would imagine longer with color!
God has definately gifted you, girl!
<3, Kelsey :o)

Kate said...

Thank you Kelsey... :)
Well, I actually had a deadline for that one - so it only took me about eight weeks. I think that was a record for me... Not so much because it's difficult to do - but more because I'm a chronically slow painter... Somedays, one brushstroke is enough to make me happy. :) So my projects generally take at least three times longer than they should...

Kyleigh said...

Fiffen looks a bit more intimidating than your neighbor's cat. :)

I don't think there are ever limits to a cat's absurdity. Our old cats would sit on top of cupboards, our cat now can open doors and when we lock them she tries to turn the key. She also has an admirer who comes and sits under our window...