January 11, 2010

Return of the Neighbor's Cat

I just have to post this photo for the sake of it's priceless irony...

The attack cat legend existed around here way before this cat did. I'd say the sign has been hanging right there on the bell pole for at least eight years. Well, this young whipper-snapper of a neighbor's cat came along one day, to claim the pole, and the title, and the glory that comes with it.

The first time he ascended; it was in an effort to escape a spastic little cat chasing monster. (Namely, Spencer the dog.) Since then, he has returned to his spot - on a daily basis - for reasons that are not yet apparent to us. I think he likes the odd looks people give him when he's up there. We've had more than one visitor sort of pull us to the side and ask... "So, the cat -- with the sign-- Um, what exactly does he do?"

Well, he hasn't done anything yet. Except sit up there and look superior. It is rather disgusting; considering the fact that he really doesn't even live here. I do sometimes wonder what he's thinking about when he's perched up there; but I usually try not to.

We decided to just leave him alone, and let him do his thing - so there he sits; horrifying all who see him. I suppose I could remove the sign; but what's the fun in that?


Sara said...


Jill said...

Ha, ha! I need a sign like that one. What a sweet-looking kitty.

Anonymous said...

So funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Miss Kate!

I just happened to come across your site while I was reading some of my favorite bloggers...what a talent you have for storytelling! I started reading because of your "attack cat" story (we just lost our cat this week...he's wandered off somewhere and we pray that he'll return home safe and sound!). How brave of you to start getting your wonderful tales down on "paper" so to speak. Your family sounds so similar to ours...we live on a little farm on the coast of Maine...I homeschool my youngest son...we have many chicken stories...and we love the Lord with all our hearts! I haven't worked up the courage to start my own blog as of yet (although my son has...his is called "Sharpening Iron")but I'm not totally out of the loop...I do love to craft and have my own etsy site. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to keep sharing your stories...they certainly brightened my day on this coooooold winter morning!

God bless you,
Mrs. Laura