January 7, 2010

We are like Sheep

It's snowing... and has been snowing, all day long.
It's the beautiful fluffy white kind of snow though, so I don't mind, but I guess I'm not exactly outside living in it, like some sheep I know...

I went to visit and feed them lunch this afternoon; and found them standing in the snow. Several of them were laying down - with a four inch layer of snow on their backs. I have to say they looked pretty absurd. The joke is - they actually have a barn; and two extra shelters. Why don't they use them? I haven't figured that out yet. I suspect it's mainly due to something that's partially missing in their cerebral cavities. Or maybe they just happen to like snow, and rain, and tornadoes with hail, and everything else they stand out there in. It's possible I guess.

I can't talk too badly about sheep though. Every time I do, I recall a humbling fact. I remember that God often used sheep as an illustration when talking about people... After seeing the poor needy creatures everyday; seeing their needless fear, their slowness, their helplessness; I know it's not a complement, but I know it's true.
We need a Shepherd every bit as much as they do.

With that; I find it harder to criticize their ridiculous behavior, even if I can't resist smiling about them.

I felt even less like poking fun at the sheep after I spotted a creature with a supposed higher IQ doing the exact same thing...

I'm not sure if he was attempting to look like a snowman, or trying to make me feel guilty for sharing his cake story yesterday.
Maybe our animals just have a thing for snow.


Miss Breezy said...

They are so adorable!

Hannah said...

I think cats are just the curious sort...sometimes too curious.

I love the way you write Kate! It's such a gift to put your thoughts into words and have them make sense and sound interesting.

Sara said...

What beautiful little sheepkins!