January 14, 2010


Today's the last day. Tomorrow, Mom, Joe, and I - will be leaving early. (Hopefully early.) Mom and Joe will be spending time with my sister and her family while I'm in the Dominican Republic with my grandparents. The sad part about this trip - is that my Dad is not able to take off work to come with us. We've never been on a trip like this without him before - so it is going to be very strange; and we will all miss him so terribly.

That means today's the last day - to do all those things there are to do the day before leaving home for two weeks. We're packing, cleaning, baking cookies (and stocking the fridge) for Dad, and taking just a few moments to give special attention to a little dog.

The poor guy doesn't realize we're leaving yet. I try not to think about him being all by himself (with exception of the bird) all day. He will probably look something like this tomorrow morning, when he sees the car being packed with luggage. (Never a good sign.)

That's what we call his "Sunday morning face." We are blessed with a church where we get to stay for lunch and fellowship. Well, somehow Spencer always knows when it's Sunday. (The Sunday clothes and crock pots must clue him in...) That's when he mopes to his big yellow chair and looks out the window. Knowing that we will be gone all day.
We'll miss him too. He's such a cheerful little dog. (Except on Sunday mornings...)

It might be kind of quiet around Shirley Goodness and Mayhem for the next two weeks, depending on how often I come across some Internet service. Don't forget about us; Lord willing, I'll be back soon.

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Merriette said...

I hope you're having a wonderful trip! It would be sad to go somewhere like that without your father--at least for me that would take away half the pleasure.
Your dog is soo cute! (and I don't even like dogs)