January 12, 2010

in His hands

My plan for today, was a post with a few more details about the upcoming trip to Florida that I've briefly mentioned. Florida actually isn't my final destination this time.

It has been a dream of mine, ever since I was very small - to visit a Spanish speaking country. I love the language, and after three years of studying it in high school - I've been looking forward to a chance to "use it."

An opportunity finally opened up for me this past year; a chance to go on a missions trip - into a Latino country, and even more incredibly- to go with my grandparents! Suddenly I find myself realizing, that the trip is only a week from now - and the country is the Dominican Republic. The country that shares it's island with Haiti.

When I heard about the earthquakes there last night, I had no idea what kind of damage the DR might have. I was prepared for the news that the trip might need to be canceled. I really have an overwhelming peace, knowing that it is in the Lord's hands. As of this morning, the report is that the DR is okay, and the trip is still on. I've said all along, that I won't be excited about going until I'm actually there. Life has made somewhat of a realist out of me I guess. :)

I would appreciate prayer as this trip draws closer. What I long for most, in all of life - is that the Lord's perfect will is carried out, and that's my prayer here. There's such a joy in seeing His providence at work. I know it's not ironic that our trip was planned for this time.
Please also - do not forget to pray for the people of Haiti. My mind cannot comprehend what they suffer on a normal day, let alone in a disaster like this.


Kelsey said...

Hola, ¿que tal?
Un viaje a La República Dominicana, ¡Que Padrisimo! (Estoy un poco celoso de ti...=)

ººPerdón, mi Español es muy mal, yo sé. :) Pero, espero tu me comprendas.ºº

Estoy orando para los Haitianos, tambien. Tal vez, ¿tendrás la oportunidad de ayudarlos, cuando tu estas en la República Dominicana?

Quiero la idioma española, tambien. En este momento, mi mamá y yo tomemos clases semanales con una mujer desde México, por Skype. Mi familia ha visitado México tres veces, y ¡me encanta muuucho!
La gente es muy amistosa y amable, y, lo más importante, la mayoría son abiertos a el evangelio.
México es muy muy hermosa. Las montañas...
ah, sigh. La extraño mucho. :D

Es muy bueno para mí hablar en español...si tu quieres, replica en español. :D
¡Que tengas un buen día!
Kelsey :o)

p.s. Sorry about any mistakes...I´m a bit rusty from Christmas break. :) (spanishdict.com is amazing, if you haven´t discovered it yet. Just make sure you have a good internet blocker for their ads.)

Kate said...

¡Hola Kelsey! ¡Gracias tanto para su comentario en español! ¡Pude comprender todo lo!

Mi español está muy oxidado también…
¡Estoy mirando adelante a la oportunidad de practicarla!

Tengo miedo que nosotros no podremos hacer nada para los haitianos mientras estamos allí, somos demasiado difícil de entrar en el país.

¡Gracias otra vez!