January 5, 2010

a bird that says "meow"...

Meet Pollyanna. The Quaker parrot that says "meow"; and lots of other things...

This bird has been a huge part of our everyday lives for about seven years now. To make a long story short; she's been dumped at least once - and we frankly have no idea how old she is or where on earth she came from originally. It doesn't bother us so much anymore, but those early days were strange times. I'll never forget the day I was washing dishes and the bird actually asked me "Hey baby; whatcha doing?" in her best imitation of a little old lady voice. No; we didn't teach her that. After seven years, I'm assuming she's finally out of surprises.

While seven years may have improved our understanding, I can't say that they have helped her attitude. Don't let the sweet little face deceive you. You're looking at a vicious bird.

She loves my dad. She always has; and - well; she tolerates the rest of us. She would seriously bite all of our noses off, and think nothing of it.

Sometimes she gets a little cranky and tells us to "stop it" in an English accent. In her cuter moments - she meows like a cat, calls "here kitty kitty", tells us she loves us, screams for "pretty boy" (dad...), and asks for a cracker in the most irresistible way. She also has a cruel habit of laughing and giggling when calamity strikes.

We love her anyway.

[at this very moment... the bird asks me: "Whatcha doing?" Me: "I'm writing about you, bird." She responds by ringing her bell and saying "Way to go bird." Now she is laughing and shrieking hysterically. Is this weird? Or is it just me?]


Miss Breezy said...

Wow, she is a little odd, dear thing, isn't she? LOL! Did we tell you that Pickles used to giggle? He picked it up after a Bible study. ;)

Birds are the funniest of critters. And their eyelids are so cute!


Rachael Watkins said...

I gotta say, when i was reading this i was dying with laughter cuz i know it is totally true!!!

Miss Jen said...

Dear Kate~
What a little darling parrot!! :)
I love her name! *sigh*
It was so nice to visit your
blog... I found you through Miss
Breezy! May the Lord bless you!!

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

michaela said...

Oh, how adorable! :) I have a Sun Conure - and am a huge bird person. ;) (my sisters and I have had 8 all together.)
So enjoyed these photos! Quakers are just adorable!!! :)
btw, I found your blog through Breezy. B-)

Marie :) said...

What a character! When I was there for your graduation, I remember your mom telling me she was not to be trusted and don't get too close. :)
I had no idea. hehe!
I have enjoyed reading your first two posts. I really like your idea of mayhem . . . I can relate in my own little way. ;)
I look forward to following along and reading your stories.
Marie :)

Sara said...

Oh, this made me laugh so much!! Pollyanna sounds like a HOOT! :)

Julia said...

Hi Kate!

Wow! A blog! I am thrilled! :) Would you like a free custom-designed header (large picture that goes at the top) from me? I have a few I'm working on right now but I would love to help make one for you! :)

Love & blessings,

Sophia Merie said...


Jacqueline said...

I just had to comment after being in the near presence of Pollyanna once again! She is odd, but irresistibly so.
Your writing is engaging...have you ever thought about teaching creative writing? You will make a fabulous teacher to your own children some day...
Blessings to you and your family, (and Pollyanna :)