January 9, 2010

keeping warm

As the temperature dips into the single digits...

We're keeping warm; with Mom's chicken tortilla soup.
(With sour cream and guacamole...)

Hoping; that the big sheep who always waits for the coldest night of the year to have her lambies - will do something different this time. (It'll be any day now...)

And smiling; because this time next week - we'll be on our way to Florida.

(Lord willing...)


Brewer Family said...

Hi Kate!
Thanks for letting us know about your blog!

Have fun in Florida! I've heard it has been unusually cold there, but still warmer than here. :)


Kelsey said...

I have to say, you are hilarious!
I laughed so hard over the parrot post, and the dog post. You have a storytelling gift. Plus I am very partial to animals in general. It is refreshing to "meet" a fellow animal-lover, as most of my friends either don't really like animals, or are picky about which ones they will stoop to like. So I've learned to ignore them (my friends:). lol, not really, I just don't talk about animals with them. :)
Anyway, I'll stop rambling...
And start following your blog!
love in Jesus!
Kelsey :o)

Kyleigh said...

Kate -
I met you at SoS, and am delighted to have found your blog! :)
Tortilla soup is a favorite around here (though I like it very spicy, and nobody else does). The spoon in the bowl caught my eye - we have the same one, but only one of them (we have many single spoons, from samplers).
We start begging for tortilla soup in September, when it's still in the 100's.