September 22, 2010

Family, Goats, and Elvis?

Last Saturday, my family had the opportunity to take a day
off from all of the building, and have a family day at
my Dad's annual work picnic.
Somebody had the incredibly bright idea to hold it
at a local living history museum - and we all loved it.

I try not to say that I was born in the wrong century...
I know without a doubt that God has really good reasons
for putting me here when He did.

Still - I don't think I would have minded the 1800's too badly.

I hope to go back soon and actually get to spend some time
taking photographs - there were so many perfect shots.
I grabbed these few while basically running through the place;
if we had to choose between seeing everything - or letting
Kate take photographs...well, we saw everything.
I was good with that. :)

My older brother and his family got to come along -
which of course added to the fun.
I happened to get this shot of my nephew's Chuck Taylors...
I loved it - because he had no idea I was taking a photo;
the shot was perfect just the way it was. Unstaged.

While there... we discovered the resident flock of goats...
I hadn't touched a goat since I hugged mine goodbye last December
so I was thrilled to spend a few minutes with some again.
I just loved the little white Alpine on the sweet.

Goats were a huge part of my life for almost twelve years.
I still catch myself wondering how I've lived this long without one!
I miss them like crazy, just the sight of these guys had me all
teared up. Just imagine all of the best qualities from a dog,
and all of the best qualities from a cat jumbled together -
and you might have an idea why I love goats so much.

I made friends with this Nubian,
she even agreed to smiling for a picture. :)

And oh yes, I did say something about Elvis didn't I?...
Well, we had our county building inspector out this morning;
and if I had ever actually wasted the time trying to imagine
what Elvis might look like if he were still around today -
I think he might resemble our county building inspector...
I'm not sure when or where we lost the freedom to place
our electrical sockets where we want to -
but Elvis took an issue with a few of ours - something about us
having to have an electrical socket where we really wanted a
phone jack - or something like that...
Thankfully he gave us permission to move in anyway--for now.
If he hadn't, we would have considered letting him inspect our
current house and then tell us which his conscience would prefer
for us to be living in right now...
It's pretty bad when the government would rather have us die
of mold poisoning than have one too few electrical sockets...
I'll admit, I was really struggling to hold on to the Christian
fruits of the Spirit right there.
But, he said we could go ahead and move in, and just be sure
to fix that problem within 90 days.

I believe that I now think even less of Elvis than I used to.
As if that were even possible...


Laura said...

Hello Miss Kate!
Sounds like a wonderful day! I just love living museums. We visited one recently at the Windsor Fair...they have a Maine living history museum on site.

Well, I just had to comment because you mentioned goats! We've met some new neighbors in town...who just happen to have milking goats...they are the sweetest people with the sweetest goats! Anyway, she is planning to breed her milker and said she would be looking for a good home...I am getting very excited! I am going to go visit and spend some time with her talking goat talk. Since you can't come to Maine right now...guess I'll just have to settle for second best.

Hope your new home is everything you and your family hoped for.
Sweet blessings,
Mrs. Laura

Kate said...

Oh Mrs. Laura! How exciting! What breed is the milker?

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you, Kate! I love the 1800's, and have often thought that I would fit right in during that time period. You're right though; we're here for a reason. :)

That's so funny about Elvis...I've never really liked him either! I probably would have said some unpleasant things... ;)

Anonymous said...

Kate, I love where you visited. Everytime I am there I dream of having lived in that time period. You sound like Hannah when you describe yourself taking pictures.
Mrs. Mills