September 2, 2010

Just Life

This post is teetering on the edge of being random;
just a life update I guess.

Mom had a birthday this week...
So purple flowers were in order.
Too bad I didn't get their picture sooner,
they weren't feeling so good by the time I got around to it.

Mom made a lovely batch of peach preserves,
which can be seen in the background.
Those peaches went quick!
I made a big batch of Sweet and Sour sauce out
of some of them.

Slowly but surely, the mud is going on that drywall.
It takes a day to dry between coats.

You should have seen the stilts these guys wear!
I sent brother Joe out to get a few photos for me,
it was pretty odd looking.

Now we are in the stage of figuring out paint -
the walls will be ready Saturday.

We're pretty attached to our current kitchen scheme;
which leans towards French country.
I promise, the yellow isn't quite as breathtaking in real life...
It makes us cheerful.
Here's just a view of one corner...

As for my portion of the house,
I'm thinking seriously about one of these...

Dad says they remind him of moisture resistant drywall...
He's got a point there.
They remind me of the one hundred-year-old paint that I found
in my current room.
One day, I got the bright idea to find out what was
under that hideous wall board...
I didn't get past the "chimney area" though,
because on top of that beautiful aqua and cracking plaster -
I found some mold stains.
That was our first clue to what was going on.

I never got to see any more of it;
But I've dreamed of a "healthy" room that color ever since.

And here's a pic of our sweet little Polly bird;
just because she hasn't been seen here for awhile.

This afternoon, she was doing her little routine where
she screams, and then cracks up laughing.
She's recently started singing this song whenever Dad gets
home where she just says "Pretty-whoop"
over, and over; again.

We did not teach her that.

She and I had a little chat about why she 'needs' to shred her
newspaper, dump her food, and weave her loose tail feathers
between the bars of her cage...
She's the messiest thing I have ever seen.

Creative expression?
Nesting instincts?

She's keeping her reasoning to herself.


Jo Bekah Photography said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! :)
I love the French Country kitchen scheme! :)

Margaret said...

The race to church is hilarious indeed. We especially liked Mrs. Hudsbeth and her daughters, and the goose, and the organ...

I love the look of the canning around the top of the elegant and country.

beth said...

greetings from virginia ~

I've just discovered your site and am thrilled to have found it. your writing is infused with gentle and genuine warmth, grace, humor and humility ~

during quiet moments this labor day weekend, I'm so looking forward to cups of tea and scrolling back to when you began blogging and reading all the way from january through august ~


Kate said...

Thank you so much Beth! It was such a blessing to read your encouraging comment! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your journey into the archives this weekend. :)

Anna Olivia said...

Yes! Definitely check back.*~ Do you know anything about the musical? The books sounds amazing though I haven't read it yet. I hope you'll participate. =)

And I must say, I love that photo of the flowers...and the kitchen with all the lovely jars...and the parrot! We have 4 of those guys. ;)

beth said...

I've now read all of your posts, and I'm smitten with your blog ~ your heart, your perspective, your humor, your photography ~ beautiful, all of it.

the sunset photographs are especially breathtaking ~ and your close-ups of flowers? wow. the animals, too ~ it's all gorgeous. your beloved haggai especially touched my heart, as sad were the months a few years ago when my husband, two sons and I were without a newfoundland in our home; nothing on earth quite like the (slobbering, hairy) presence and unwavering devotion of the gentle giants.

saw that your list of interests includes jonathan edwards ~ I wonder if you enjoy john piper's ministry and books.

the glimpses of your life and the words you've shared have been a blessing to me ~ I know that God's timing is perfect, and I'm humbled and joyful to be where I am today, but I can't help thinking - oh, if only I'd had your devotion to Him and your humble, profound wisdom at twenty...


Sara said...

Ooo...French country style!

How in the world did Polly survive the mold?? We tried several pairs of parakeets and finches in our old moldy house and the air killed them. Scary. O.o

Kate said...

You know Sara, it really must be a miracle that she's holding up through all of this. She's a tough old bird. :) I'm still holding my breath that she will make it through the house switch okay.