September 27, 2010

You know the days when...

It's Autumn enough for falling leaves;
and Summer enough for green grass.

Summer enough for procrastinating tomatoes;
and Autumn enough for apple cider.

Autumn enough for the Autumn clematis to bloom;
(and smell oh so wonderful.)
and Summer enough for the butterflies to enjoy it.

Summer enough for short sleeves;
and Autumn enough for light scarves and sweaters.

Autumn enough for walks in harvested fields;
and Summer enough to experience it bare-footed.

I think it's called September,
and boy, am I going to miss it.
What a graceful way for Summer to leave the stage.

Speaking of leaving;
Lord willing, I'll be heading out myself in a few hours...
I'm taking a long overdue trip to Texas to visit a dear friend of mine.

You may hear from me before then though;
I can be unpredictable; as you might have just noticed...


Jo Bekah Photography said...

Whoops, I accidentally posted my comment on the wrong post! I meant to put it on this one. :) lol, a "blond moment" as Kimberly always says...

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

Laura said...

Dear Miss Kate,
Have a wonderful trip, dear, and I will be praying for your safety as you go to visit your friend. By the way, I'm off to visit the goat lady today...and I talked with a man at a fair this past weekend that runs a "goat school" where they teach all about different breeds of milkers, how to make cheese, soap, and other products. It's not too far from us...sounds like an interesting place!

Be safe and have fun!
Sweet blessings,
Mrs. Laura

Kimberose said...

Love this post! Beautiful parallels here, reads like poetry! :)