September 25, 2010

My Chickadees

Well, I said I would stick to the reality,
and I'm so awfully glad that I did.
Those terrible moments that come and go are somehow needed;
They make the little miracles that follow all the more sweet.

When our little September batch of chicks got wiped out;
we never suspected the little surprise planned for the very next day.

Another momma; with seven more.
Isn't it so true that God gives, and takes away;
and yes - gives again.

These little munchkins are dreadfully cute,
and noisy, and quick.
Kind of hard for a camera to focus with all that hurrying about.
I ended up with lots of "empty shots" after little
chickie decided to take off about the time the shutter clicked...
I also got lots of "diaper shots" - but they've got a charm too.

There's nothing quite like "chickadees" in the shrubbery
to make your day all warm and fuzzy.

All that darting around will wear you out though...

As for those first two that survived the opossum attack?
Well, their poor mom is dealing with a serious case of
post-traumatic stress disorder or a variant thereof...
She's protecting her little guys with everything she's got,
which is totally understandable; but ouch - does it hurt...
In the process of trying to help her out, Mom and I got a
taste of her slightly over-zealous fury a few days ago.
We pretty much leave her alone now...
Except for yesterday, when I had to sort out some custody
disputes going on over chicks;
they aren't very adept at figuring out whose is whose yet...

Fleeing from the paparazzi...

We're enjoying these little guys (albeit from a safe distance.)
I hope that you do too!


Tarissa said...

Aw, those chickies are so cute! They do look all warm, fuzzy, and sweet. Great photos! (as always)

~ Tarissa

Jo Bekah Photography said...

Have fun in Texas! :) Love the pictures, and how they portray September...