September 16, 2010

Not a Spring chicken...

I don't know how many times I've told the chickens not
to even think about sitting on eggs after June.
November was the worst timing decision they've made so far...
That was rough.
Well; this year, I thought we weren't going to get any chicks.
One poor hen sat on a nest for three months with no success -
(it takes three weeks; poor thing.)

Well, yesterday, a momma showed-up with her September brood.

Today, I went out to visit - and found this poor little guy.

Don't worry - he's still alive in these pictures.
Evidently, his momma got a little bit antsy about getting up -
and he wasn't kept warm long enough to finish hatching;
I'm afraid that he was stuck this way for about 24 hours.
I have no idea how he survived that long.

So, glutton for heart-ache that I am;
I brought him inside and starting warming him up with a damp,
warm cloth.
Like moths coming out of their cocoons -
little chicks can't have any help hatching out,
or they will never fully develop.
Even though it's tempting...
I felt awful about this poor chick - he was so close.
I got him on a heating pad, and he starting coming back a little.

He kicked and stretched, with lots of little naps in-between.

He eventually did get out - and is all warm and resting now -
but I still doubt that he's going to make it... :(
I just had to share these precious little shots - it's so
rare to get to witness this amazing process.

There are seven little healthy ones though -
and they are awfully sweet.

Even if they do grow to be tomato-eating monsters someday... ;)


Annie said...

Oh how sweet! I do hope your little chickie survives! =)

Christina said...

Aw, hope he lives!

We've had one or two who we've had to help with a heating pad, also.

Angie said...

Wow! I learned something new today. Had NO idea you weren't suppose to help them get out. :( Please keep us updated on his progress. Hope he makes it.

Love your blog! :)