September 25, 2010


A few days ago, I was re-acquainted with a little girl from the Ukraine named Yulia. I had seen her picture before, and I finally got to read her story. It touched me so deeply, I just felt that I had to share about her here.

She's almost three years old, and has spent basically her entire life in a crib - on her back, in an orphanage. Yulia has an illness that in taking it's course - will cut her life short; and those precious moments she has here are slipping away - even now; as she waits.

There is a sweet lady named Adele who has such a heart for adoption. She has shared Yulia's story, and is currently raising money in faith that God will soon send a forever family for little Yulia. A family that will cherish and care for her in the time she has left. A family to demonstrate God's love to her. Click on the button below to read this sweet little girl's story, and if God leads you, maybe help out. She will break your heart. At the very least - pray for little Yulia, that God would send her family - as soon as possible.

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