September 21, 2010

good news. bad news. good news.

Good news is...

We have counter tops installed;
complete with kitchen sink.

With the tea pots in place,
it's starting to look even more like home.

(As you can see, we still have trim to be painted...)

The counters almost resemble "Granny ware" in color,
it's a really pretty deep blue; we love it.

We're moving!

Bad news... Well, I really don't want to post this - but I'm
determined to stick to reality on this blog.
It can't all be wonderful, all of the time, because quite frankly -
when you live on a farm; sad things happen. Often.

Yesterday morning, momma hen only had two chicks with her.
Later on we found evidence that something had eaten the rest...
Pretty devastating; yes.
Of course, Mom immediately pointed a finger at the 'Squirrel-y Cat'
because he's new - and nobody around here has done such a thing.
I protested otherwise.
Well... Unbeknownst to us - Dad set a trap in the barn last night.

We think we've got our culprit.
I guess that's the other bit of good news.

This nasty little opossum explains a couple of things
that have been going on around here...

Just be glad you weren't within ear shot, because Spence
was doing his little high pitch banshee yell upon seeing him...


We don't have to worry about our two remaining chickies anymore;
and all charges against the Squirrel-y cat have been dropped...

(And no, the dogs were not allowed to eat the opossum or anything like that... he's still awaiting trial in his cage.)


Amanda said...

Oh Kate! Thanks so much for posting!! The kitchen is BEEEAUUUTIFUUULLLL!!!! I'm so excited for you guys =)

I am sorry to hear about the chicks....but glad your dad caught that opossum...and he's gonna be GONE!

I'll call tomorrow =) Love you!

Hannah Mendenhall said...

Oh dear! I will warn Sarah not to look at this post. She HATES opossums. She can't even utter their name she loathes them so much.

The kitchen is looking great!

Margaret said...

I'm glad you have reality on this blog! Even though it meant the loss of your chicks (our own dog was our culprit) must be a relief to have the criminal behind cage.

Keep up the reality...

Kimberose said...

Wow, looks like everything's coming together with the house nicely...I'm sure y'all will be relieved!

Caleb Franks said...

That yellow paint looks great! I wonder who you found to paint it.

I hope the possum gets a speedy trial, and execution...

Kate said...

Hmm. I wonder. :) (Thank you by the way!)

And... let's just say - your hopes for the little chick killer came true...